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@Toothlife.Irene Services

These are just a few of the services that Irene currently offers on her personal page @toothlife.irene. 

This content is all created, edited, and posted by Irene on her account. 

For package and pricing information, please contact us.

Reels and Carousels

Looking for more engagement on your social media?

Reels and Carousels are a great place to start. This content is shot, edited, and posted on Irene's social media profiles. All reels include 3 stories and all carousels include 2 stories.


Podcast Episodes

Podcasts are a great way to expand your audience. All podcasts include 1 audio podcast, 1 long-form video on YouTube, 3 IG reels, 3 YouTube shorts, 9 IG stories, and sponsor messaging in the YouTube video and podcast copy description. 


IG Takeovers and Giveaways

Giveaways and Takeovers are a great way to bring a new audience to your page. You provide us with a product or CTA, and we do the rest!


Content Sharing

Content sharing is when we spread awareness across all social media apps. This includes sharing content from Instagram to Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. If you're not on all platforms - you're missing out on a large audience! 

Toothlife Media Services

These are all the services that the Toothlife Media team provides. 

This includes creating and/or editing content for your company's social media profiles and website. 

For pricing information, please contact us.

Social Media Consulting

Do you have a social media manager or someone who is in charge of marketing, and you just need a little bit of direction? 

Social media consulting is great - because we give you the tools you need to build your social media presence on your own. 


Product Photos/Videos

Maybe you already have a good posting schedule in place, but you're running out of content for Instagram or maybe you just want to update the photos and videos on your website? Let us help. 

We can shoot and edit all of the content - and send it to you to use at your own disposal. 


Full Social Media Takeover

Don't have time to manage your social media presence? Let us do it. 

We can come up with regular scheduling and content, and post it directly to your social media

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