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Irene is a woman with many hats which is what makes her speaking so unique.

She is a practicing dental hygienist with her own dental practice Toothlife Studio based in Toronto. Irene
 is a theoretical and clinical educator at Oxford College, international speaker, as well as a peer and quality assurance mentor contracted by CDHO.


Irene is an ongoing item writer for the NDHBE and a regular contributor to Oral Hygiene Magazine. in 2019 Irene completed her last of many courses on Myofunctional Therapy and is moving towards becoming a certified Orofacial Myologist. Her biggest passion, working with children and Orthodontists training facial muscles post habit breaking. 

She graduated with a B.Sc in political science however, changed directions and completed the dental hygiene program in 2007 from Oxford College.


She has worked in various specialties within dentistry including Pedo, Perio, Ortho, DSO group practices and started her own dental retail company,


Now Irene has found a way to incorporate all of her passions as an educator, speaker and clinician, by delivering education coupled with anecdotal experience, scientific research and personal case presentation in an entertaining and easy to listen to manner.


Past Speaking Engagements 



•    Dentsply Sirona World

•    ADHA Kentucky

•    ADHA Webinar

•    Yankee Dental Congress 2019 and 2020
•    CDHA St. Johns
•    CDHA Webinar
•    Excellere Miami
•    AAID Las Vegas
•    RDH Under One Roof, Grapevine, TX
•    17 Lectures, Study clubs and webinars


•    ODHA Hamilton 
•    VIVA Learning Webinar
•    CDHA Webinar
•    CDHA Montreal
•    TCDHA
•    Toronto North Study Club
•    IDEM Singapore
•    3M Healthcare Academy 
•    21 Lectures, Study clubs and webinars



•    Yankee Dental Congress
•    ADHA
•    Ontario Ortho Study Club
•    14 Lectures, Study clubs and webinars



•    Hinman Dental
•    Yankee
•    Greater New York
•    NYU Faculty of Dentistry
•    26 Lectures, Study clubs and webinars



No upcoming events at the moment
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Carol, Yankee Dental 2018

"Irene was an excellent presenter- very captivating and conveyed the information in a manner that was easy to understand."

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